Groups and Parties



Let us help you celebrate life’s milestones at  Sweet Peas Tea Room. We pride ourselves on providing you and your guests with an exceptional Afternoon Tea experience. No matter what the occasion.

What better way to celebrate a special moment in life than by Afternoon Tea. Be it a Baby shower, a Bridal Shower, a Bridesmaids Luncheon, a Special Birthday, a Retirement or a Family gathering Sweet Peas tea Room is the place to come.

Events such as these can be booked during our normal business hours, or for a group of 20 or more we an open after hours. Sundays are popular for showers of larger numbers and evenings for Business groups and Holiday parties. After hours events requires a fee of $100.00 for the use of the building and the extra hours worked by the staff. This is additional to the final cost of the food service.

At the time of booking we require a credit card to secure the date and time. The card will not be charged at this time, it is just a security measure

We require an accurate guest count 48 hours in advance. 

Should anyone in your group be a no show after the 48 hour final head count, a fee equal to their tea order will be charged. We will gladly box the tea and make it a “to go” order.

We present just one check at the end of your tea. We ask that you nominate a person from your group to collect all of the monies from each individual ahead of time so as to make your departure smooth and easy for you all.

If you are a group of eight or more you will be ask to choose two tea choices from the menu for your group to share. It takes a long time to brew numerous pots of tea for many individuals. By offering two tea choices this cuts down on your wait time and you can begin your Tea experience in a timely manor.

We do apply an 18% gratuity fee on groups of eight or more.